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jimin park

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jimin park

Bericht van Jimin Park op ma apr 16, 2018 1:05 am

jimin park

nineteen // waterbender // drifter

name. jimin park
pob. northern watertribe
nickname. minnie, chimchim
age. nineteen
gender. male
sexuality. pansexual
bending. waterbender

Jimin's personality is usually somewhat influenced by his psychosis. Though getting quite rare these days, even when he's not troubled by sights, sounds and voices, Jimin tends to be somewhat reserved and calm. He rarely enjoys the accompaniment of people as he has a hard time trusting humans as a whole. This does not derive from a tragic backstory of people who hurt him, but rather from the voices dwelling in his head, telling him mostly anyone is not to be trusted. The people who Jimin does trust, however, he would hang the moon and the stars for.

Jimin can often be found confused by mostly himself and his seemingly real environment. This, combined with the voices and visions he perceives, are what make Jimin commonly appear panicstricken and anxious.

Be as it may, Jimin is a kind and friendly boy who is incredibly polite and tries his best at whatever comes his way. He is quite smart and steadfast, making him able to push onward through many a setback.


[bending] water
[class] e – beginner bender class
[skills] herbal knowledge and application, hunting small game
[weaponry] (1) bone dagger, (2) simple bow and arrows
[class] d – experienced warrior class

It was a sunny afternoon when Jimin was born as the third son of Suwon and Sooyoung Park. He was a happy, bubbly baby who rarely cried and seemed to have a permanent smile on his little chubby cheeks. The family of five was quite close with one another and as rule spend several evenings a week in company of eachother, playing games or taking walks with their dogs.

When Jimin was four years old, they discovered he, like his mother, was a waterbender. Excited as any kid who just discovered they were benders, Jimin was enthusiastic in his practising and incredibly avid to do good. He easily managed to be better than many of his peers and took pride in his abilities.

His devoted training came to an abrupt halt when Jimin turned seven. He was walking one of the dogs, Harumi, just outside the city on the cliffsides. He commonly walked there and enjoyed the nice and quiet reprieve from the bustling city down below. Harumi was running up ahead and stood right on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the harbour down below. Jimin smiled softly at her, when suddenly the quiet was broken by a dark rumbling sound. Before his feet he saw the floor starting to crack ever so slightly and it only took a split second to realise what was going on. He beckoned Harumi to come to him, but she was as if frozen in fear. Jimin swallowed his own fear and took several steps forward, putting a reassuring hand on Harumi's head. "It's okay, girl," he whispered. Carefully, step by step, he started walking her towards safe grounds. But it was too late. Rumbling and cracking noises masked all other sounds and the very floor beneath Jimin's feet started to shift. A final thought sped through the young boy's head, pushing Harumi away with a strong blast of water, before the floor gave way and Jimin fell until all turned black.

It was a solid two weeks later when Jimin woke up and though doctors and healers had tried their utmost best at fixing the child, the golden hours had passed before they could even find the boy. This left Jimin with some form of neurological damage and he started hearing voices. Only sometimes, very quiet, almost nonexistent, but still present. They got worse over time. The voices warned him of people, of situations, to no! turn back. what is he doing? he's fine. i don't know. go on! no, stay put! And the visions started, hallucinations, delusions and phantoms. His room on fire, darkness and a black sun.

Jimin stopped practising and training his waterbending skills. The voices rarely let him and the visions made it hard to see what he was actually doing. And then he lost all his friends. They didn't understand what was going on with their friend and how could they? Jimin himself didn't even understand.

Jimin was nearly sixteen when the voices told him to get out of there! it's not safe. they will find you. run! quick! they will hurt him. And though Jimin wasn't sure what he was running away from, he also wasn't in a right state of mind to judge if the voices were right or wrong. So that same night, he hid himself on a ship in the cargo area and left the Northern Watertribe and with it, his family.

It's been several years now since Jimin left the Northern Watertribe. He's been traveling around with no real goal in mind, following the voices that tell him where to go. Though he met many people on his journeys and even a few friends, he could never really find it in himself to settle anywhere, something he wishes he could. Along his journeys he has heard of rumours of a man who knew how to calm his mind, how to silence the voices and the noise and the visions. Fighting against the will and the fear of the voices, he now travels to find quiet.

father suwon park
nonbender from the earth kingdom.
mother sooyoung park
waterbender from the northern watertribe.
brother jisung park
nonbender from the northern watertribe.
brother jiwon park
earthbender from the northern watertribe.

+ Jimin loves animals and would love to own a polar bear dog one day.

+ Though Jimin loves his family dearly, he doesn't see himself moving back to the Northern Watertribe anytime soon.

+ Jimin loves too sing and is actually quite skilled at it, though he is usually kind of shy about it and rarely sings where other people might overhear him.

+ Though Jimin would love to try his hand at waterbending again, he's afraid that without proper instructions and supervision, the voices and visions might take a hold of him and hurt people.


park. jimin park. by ryann.

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暗い暗い夜, 待っている 夜明けを じっと 嗚呼
on this dark, dark night, I’m waiting for dawn to come, in utter stillness
今日も, 彷徨い歩いているばかり
today too, here I am, wondering around
Real name :

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Character sheet
Age: 19 y/o
Occupation: drifter
Residence: unhoused

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Re: jimin park

Bericht van Erisae op ma apr 16, 2018 4:33 pm

Welkom in de RPG!

Real name :

IC posts :

Character sheet
Age: 20 years
Occupation: Traveler
Residence: Traveler

Profiel bekijken http://untold-tales.actieforum.com/



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