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Ilona Reagan

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Ilona Reagan

Bericht van Ilona op di apr 17, 2018 10:16 pm

Ilona Reagan

Bending: water and ice




> Lead Actress

Birth nation

>Southern water tribe


> Ba sing se

Bending class

> C

>fervently/wild< She is just as fervently and wild as her bright red locks that graced her face. From when she was small it was clear that she won’t step aside for anybody. Ilona will make it clear when there is something she doesn’t like. Nothing or nobody can keep her silent when she wants to say something. Because of that she isn’t afraid to voice her thoughts, without caring if she insults someone or not.

>stubborn< Doing whatever she wants to do. Following orders is sometimes hard for her, it all depends from who she get orders.Ilona will only listen to someone who deserves it, or someone she learned to respect. The young female is to stubborn to listen to anybody that she doesn’t like or doesn’t know. Ilona doesn’t care what other people think about her, the only that matters is herself.

>Bitchy< The young female seldom takes other feelings into account. She has a rather big ego and won’t get hurt by some mere words of someone else. It’s not that she looks down on people, but looking up at people won’t happen fast either. Her ego and bitchy side is more of the fact that she knows that she is pretty.

>flirt< When speaking to someone Ilona find handsome, she won’t be afraid to make it clear. She uses most of the time pet names and flirts a lot. She is like this so people should just accept that. She even flirts without wanting to go further then just friends.
Ilona was already an outcast from the moment she was found. Wrapped in a blanket and dropped on someone their door. Yet nobody of the tribe wanted to take the innocent baby in. So they brought her to a small house away from everybody. It was completely surrounded by water, you could only reached the house by a small path. After one warriors of the tribe had to knock on the door while holding the sleeping baby. A young man opened the door, immediately knowing what the warrior his purpose was, after seeing small sleeping baby in his arms. Without any complain he took her in his arms. From that moment she was his daughter, giving her the name Ilona meaning burning torch, which fitted her fury red hair perfectly, and soon enough her fury of charakter too. Of course Jonah sometimes underestimated how hard it would be for being a father. yet he gave it his all, putting as much discipline as love in her education. Everyday Jonah went to the tribe, searching on more information of the parents, but couldn’t find any only a few rumors. One was the most popular that her mother was a waterbender while her father was a firebender. But that was just guess with the fact of her blue eyes being water and her red locks being fire.


Every day Jonah went outside to train himself, and every day he took the small Ilona with him. Saying she has to sit still and just watch. Everybody knows that a small child like her wouldn’t like to sit still, yet she did. People would think she was a very obedient and calm child, until they see her inside the house, active and very stubborn. Jonah found out what kind of bender she was at the age of 3. It was very peculiar, instead of a small bending of the water, she froze a small part of the water around their house. Jonah couldn’t understand why ze could freeze at such young age instead of just bending the water like the rest of the children. When she reached her 4th birthday, Jonah decided to teach her ice bending, he knew all too well it would take a while. Even if she could make ice it still would be a very difficult learning process. Ilona already went for a few months to school. The girl already being an outcast because of her ‘parent’s’, which is still only a rumour. Sadly it only got worse after they discovered she could do ice bending instead of water bending. One day she could home with ripped clothes and her hair pointing everywhere. It was clear to Jonah that the bullying got out of hand, forcing him to train her more and harder, maybe even a bit more ruthless. He didn’t want to see his child so defenseless ever again


So everyday Ilona woke up with her father to train, of course only for a small hour with the fact she was yet to young to handle his ruthless method, that she would learn after a few more years. The ice bending was hard for the girl, but her stubbornness and fury character kept her from quitting or complaining. She accepted everything training he gave her. From breathing lessons to endurance lessons. At age of 6 the muscles on her body came clearer, but most of all her ice bending was getting better. She even finally began to learn to waterbend. It was at that age the lessons got longer and harder. But again the girl never complained or ask to stop, she just kept going. Around 8 Jonah discovered her calmness. Something he never expected to find in her. She was active, fast irritated and most of all she was fast very angry. So it came as a complete surprise seeing her there before the water. Her arms and legs crossed on the ground and her eyes open staring at the water in front of her. Her sea blue eyes that always seem to be like a hurricane now looked serene. Like she was as calm as the see without any wind. The man also soon found out that she will always seek out the water when she needed to calm down. Like she was connected to it. Maybe she was in her mind? There will always people who feel themself being pulled to the see. She was probably one of those kind of people.

Training became harder, the bullying never ceased to stop but at least she could handle it. When Ilona was around 15 she was seen as a troubled child at school. Acting up against teachers and always getting in fights, yet they couldn’t do much then only asking Jonah to handle her. The fact that she scored perfectly in every subject at school made the teacher hold their breath until she finishes her school. Ilona has to wake up with Jonah in the early morgen for training.The growing girl trains until one hour before school starts. She trains then again an hour after school until two hours before she goes to bed. The girl hardly has any time left for her self, and when she does, you could always find her at the same spot before the water in a sitting position, and staring at it. All that training made her insomnia, which she didn’t mind that much anyway.

17- …

At the age of 17 Ilona got the permission of her father to travel the world. She got tired of always seeing the same people with those judgment in their eyes, watching her and giving her the feeling she did something wrong. Accusing her of things that aren’t even proven to be real. She already did exploded one time when she didn’t had much control over her bending. If Ilona should explode again there could end with wounded people. So instead of waiting like a ticking time bomb, Ilona chooses to travel around the world. After traveling for a year she met Hyperion and soon joined his theater as lead actress. In the beginning she was surprised he could handle her bad temper, which she got respect for knowing she isn’t an easy person to work with sometimes.


Fc: Emblu.

application by nicole (i, ii, iii, iv, v).

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Re: Ilona Reagan

Bericht van Erisae op wo apr 18, 2018 6:58 pm

Welkom in de RPG!

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