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Alison Olivia

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Alison Olivia

Bericht van Alison Olivia op ma nov 20, 2017 10:50 am

i want it all or not at all

Class: A
Level: ★☆☆☆☆


Her full, official name is Alison Olivia of the Northern Water Tribe. This is the name used when she is introduced, whether it is to a room full of people or just one person. At all other times it is Alison Olivia. She does not condone servants or guests calling her Alison, this is a name reserved for those she is closest to. The only time others can use it is when scolding her. Said in an angry tone, it is a way to gently remind her that she needs to stop whatever ridiculous behaviour she is showing at that time, which is most often an irrational stubbornness.


Her parents had never been a huge fan of nicknames, and therefore had never given her any. However, as daughter of the chief she was often talked about and so the people did nickname her. When she was younger it would be The Girl With The Yellow Hair, as it was a sight many had never seen before. Nowadays, it is often Ice Princess, a combination of her skills and cold attitude. This was started by Nephthys when she was still living on the North Pole, calling her Princess as if it was the most vile of words, and quickly infiltrated in the tribe's speech pattern.

Nyx, having grown up under more casual circumstances than the water tribe's upper class, had soon given her a nickname of her own: Ali. It is short and sweet, nothing like the mouthful that is her official name. It is murmured when they're both still half asleep, thrown in at the end of a sentence, whispered in her ear when they're doing you know what, hastily written down on the millions of notes and letters they send each other. And she loves it.


At twenty-one years old, Alison really isn't a child anymore. She was of marrying age at age sixteen, but due to the fact that neither of her parents had survived up to that point, her marriage was never arranged. She does not mind, as she had never liked arranged marriages and would very much prefer choosing someone herself.

Because her mother died when Alison was so young, there are certain things she was supposed to have learned and now either doesn't know or had to figure out on her own. One of the things she hasn't really gotten the hang of yet is controlling her mood swings, which would have been easier if she still had her mother to guide her. This being out of control gives her something a little immature. Although no one dares telling her, she's painfully aware of it, which contributes to her needing to have as much control as possible.


Alison Olivia is a girl, and oh, what a girl she is. Her parents had always made sure that she knew, dressing her up and braiding her hair, teaching her what's proper and telling her things she couldn't do because they were for boys. One of these things initially included bending, because none of the women in the tribe were allowed to do this, needing to be healers instead. However, her father was a smart man, and decided that the future chief should at least be able to protect herself.

Nowadays she is still extremely girly, lavishing in the attention she gets because of her looks. Whether this is a result of nature or nurture is unclear, but the fact is that she would rather die than have her hair chopped off.


It was clear quite early on that Alison was attracted to both sexes. Her parents weren't blind and knew, but it was never a big deal as it is widely accepted throughout the tribe. However, they had always planned to let her marry to a boy, as she needed children in order to secure their bloodline.

What her parents hadn't known is that she had a little crush on Nephthys. The woman was older than her and so strong and beautiful that she couldn't help it. However, once it became clear that she would become her new mother, it changed into simple admiration and respect.


Alison Olivia is really a walking contradiction. She looks like an angel, but can be so vile, so cold and harsh that sometimes, it's downright mean. Of course, this is due to the bitterness that she got left with when her parents died, and it is possibly also a side-effect of growing up with Nephthys. However, this whole thing is really just a mask, a facade. When she feels she can be herself, it slowly melts away, showing a more sensitive, human side. She will be excitable, chatty, warm, and, if she really trusts someone, anxious. She is a worrier and can really get herself worked up over the stupidest things. When this happens, her breathing will speed up, she will start fidgeting, turning her rings and touching her hair, and sometimes even cry. This is one of the reasons why she's so desperate to keep her cool, as it would be unacceptable for a leader to behave this way.

Between these two sides of hers, there are some traits she always shows, namely her assertiveness, stubbornness and wit. Which can be a dangerous combination, really, should she decide she wants something you disagree with.


Her hair is, rather unconventionally, blonde. This creates a stark difference between her and other members of the tribe, as most of them would be sporting much darker locks. It is often intricately braided, done so by her handmaidens as it would be too much work to do herself. As a result, in the rare circumstances that it is loose, it falls in angelic waves down her back, somewhat resembling the ocean or even a waterfall.

Her skin is tan, to protect itself from the sun rays reflecting on the snow and ice. This is closer in similarity to the colour of other members' skin, although she is on the lighter end of the spectrum. Her body is sprinkled in freckles and birthmarks, and though they are situated on her face as well, they are much less apparent, resulting in only a light pattern of brown dots around her nose.

She prefers wearing white. However, as she is expected to wear a royal blue or sometimes even purple colour, she is only able to wear white pieces at home. Her clothes are made of the finest materials, silks and furs and satins, and are richly adorned with glittering details and jewelry. For special occasions, she sometimes creates her necklaces and bracelets out of ice, and is able to keep them frozen against her skin for the rest of the night. As this takes up a lot of energy, it does not happen often.


The former chief of the Northern Water Tribe was a great man. Powerful in his bending, enchanting in his presence, he was loved by all his people. All except one. There was one girl who despised the egoistical manners of his, didn't understand why all her friends would swoon when he walked past. As a result, she refused to bow before him, treating him with a glare that was so vicious that it piqued his interests. He invited her over to the palace where they had a long talk, and slowly but surely the girl realized he wasn't all bad. He began courting her and having been alone for far too long, his parents arranged for them to be married. It was the most abundant wedding the tribe had ever seen, with everyone joining in the fun. The chief had finally found his love.

After a year or so, they became pregnant, and the whole tribe was ecstatic. With the chief having a child, the future of the tribe would be assured. Surely a child of the chief would be as great a leader as he was. Many hoped for a boy, one who would be trained as both a warrior and a bender, and who would be as strong and mighty as his father. Alas. On a cold winter night, a beautiful baby girl was born. One with hair more golden than they had ever seen. Her parents were sure this was a miracle, a sign that she was special. So they decided on a special name as well: Alison Olivia. It didn't have the traditional 'ka' sound, and she wasn't named after anyone in the family as was custody, but her parents liked the way it flowed, hoping it would give her a strong connection to the ocean.

Her youth was calm and peaceful. The people adored her, and her parents marveled at how smart she was, at the way she would carry herself in a room full of men who were ten times her age. She was witty, and stubborn, and definitely spoiled. At the same time, her upbringing was strict, as she was to be prepared to one day take over her father's duties.

When she was eight, her parents came to her with exciting news. Soon, she wouldn't be an only child anymore, she would have a baby brother or sister. During the first half of her mother's pregnancy, everything was fine, but after a while she fell ill. Having very little energy from being pregnant she couldn't fight off the illness. Neither she nor her baby survived. The tribe was in mourning for weeks, and for Alison it felt as if she left a hole that could never be filled again.

Her father, nearing his sixties, had a hard time on his own. So when the Fire Lord offered him his daughter Nephthys as peace offering three years later, he gladly accepted. Ecstatic to finally have a mother again, Alison would do anything to earn her approval. Her father had given her permission to practice her water bending, just for the sake of being able to protect herself if needed. Nephthys would often watch her practice in the courtyard, snidely commenting on how weak and pathetic she looked, playing with a little water. It hurt Alison, but determined to prove herself, she started transitioning to using ice instead, combined with moves that were clearly more attack than defense.

A few years later, when Alison was fifteen, the fire nation attacked. Apparently the marriage with Nephthys was never a peace offering, but a way to infiltrate fire nation blood into the tribe's high ranks. Alison watched the Fire Lord kill her father in cold blood, proudly announcing that the Water Tribe was now under Fire Nation rule, with Nephthys as chief. However, Nephthys had different plans. She had never cared for the Water Tribe much, thought it was too cold and small, and would much rather rule over the Fire Nation instead. Seeing the opportunity before her, she killed her own father on Water Tribe territory, leaving Alison to rule over the wounded remains.

Fifteen-year old Alison had a big job ahead of her: Repairing the tribe, bringing back hope, and building a strong army. In order to do the latter, she implemented some changes into the system, allowing women to pick up bending as well. She needed warriors, soldiers, in order to get what she wanted most: Revenge. She would lay low though, focusing on her people first, but never forgetting what happened on that tragic day.

She was both loved and feared, bitter over the fact that her parents would never get to arrange her marriage, that she was all alone in the grand palace. One did not want to cross her, as she was big on justice and small on forgiveness. There were no second chances, and those who wronged her got to feel her icy wrath. On the other hand, she loved her people very much, and would always be warm towards those who deserved it.

On one of her diplomatic travels through the Earth Kingdom, she was invited to watch the Earth Rumble. Going backstage afterwards, she met one of the contestants, Nyx, and was quickly intrigued. The small yet mighty woman was grounded in a way she hadn't seen in a long time. The two quickly fell for each other and found themselves in a long-distance relationship. Even though Alison is quite sure she has found "the one", she hasn't asked her to marry yet, as she is painfully aware of the fact that she won't be able to produce an heir, which would mean the end of her bloodline of chiefs.

Six years after the death of her father, Alison's blood is boiling. As Nyx is not always there to keep her grounded, she sometimes makes rash decisions and seems to have an even quicker temper than usual. Her army is ready... Will she continue her father's war?


Tarrak ✝️
Her father was a strict, yet benevolent leader, and he wasn't any different towards his only daughter. He raised her from a distance, which caused them to not really know each other. Therefore, they rarely got into any fights, and in Alison's memories her father could do no wrong. Nowadays she still fiercely defends her fathers actions, even those that might have been questionable.

Rani ✝️
Her mother was her big example. She thought she was so beautiful, kind and smart and fierce that she wanted to be exactly like her. Her death had a great impact on Alison's psyche and led to her becoming more cynical and distant.

Nyx Xiaoyu
Nyx is Alison's girlfriend, and she's smitten with her. She is what keeps her grounded, while always standing at her side. Alison admires Nyx for her skill and devotion to everyone and everything she loves. As a couple they complement each other perfectly, however as they both have strong personalities they sometimes clash. Usually this is resolved fairly quickly though.

Nephthys Aelwen
Her relationship with Nephthys is... complicated. Even though it may have been ruthless, Nephthys did play a large part in raising her, and she has always seen her as her second mother. However, she has never forgiven her for what she has done to her family and her people and therefore loves to pretend she hates her, even if she knows that's not 100% true. She can sometimes still get flustered when she's in the same room as her, as the woman is intimidating as hell, but she has become good at hiding it and standing her ground. But one thing is for sure: Nephthys still holds power over her, whether she likes it or not.

As their fathers had always been close, the two girls grew up together. However, after Erisae lost her ability to waterbend their relationship weakened. The two girls stopped speaking to each other as much and after finding out that Erisae had learned bloodbending their ties got severed completely. Erisae has since left the tribe, and even though Alison Olivia thinks it is for the better, she still has a place in her heart and she thinks back on their joined youth fondly.

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Re: Alison Olivia

Bericht van Nyx Xiaoyu op za maa 03, 2018 3:00 pm

Welkom in de RPG!

Who do I see? Stupid and small, look through the mirror and back at the wall
w h o a r e y o u?

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