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Bericht van Ka'on op di apr 24, 2018 8:33 pm

∵ General information ∵

Full name: Ka'on
Former name: Fuko Himura - 緋村  風子
Nickname: Fufu - Wrath - Ka
Gender: Female
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: 13-04
Zodiac: Aries
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Adoptive mother: Maika Himura - 緋村  舞華
Adoptive father: Katsu Himura - 緋村  勝
Siblings: None
Home: Nowhere
Place of birth: The Western Air Temple
Occupation: Sin of Wrath

∵ Bending & Weapons ∵

Styles: Airbending
Class: D
Weapon: Senbon
Class: E
Information: In spite of the lessons that Ka'on follows with the Air Nomads, there is a clear mix of Fire and Water bending in her style. What it looks like most depends on her mood. If she is angry or annoyed it will look more like Fire bending, while if she is calm and focuses on control it looks more like Water bending. She uses her senbon mainly in combination with her bending. Because the needles are so light, she can make them hover in the air (although she can't keep them at a fixed height), "shoot" them away and change direction. She can also throw them though her accuracy is not that great.

∵ Appearance ∵

Height: 1.75m
Body type: Average, slightly toned
Skin tone: Ivory
Hair color: Ash blonde
Hair length: Chest length
Hair texture: Slightly wavy
Eye color: Grey
Scars: A fairly big burn scar on her back

∵ History ∵

Ka'on was born in a small family in the Western Air Temple. Everything went like it was supposed to go until the Fire Nation attacked. The young child lost her family in the fire before passing out due to the inhalation of smoke. When she woke up, she couldn't remember what had happened. Nothing, not even her name. The Fire Nation soldier that was with her at the time explained everything. She believed everything but didn't know that it was all lies. Her name was Fuko Himura, she was his daughter and had snuck along on his mission. As they traveled back to the Fire Nation, Katsu, her 'father', told her more about what happened.

The family lived in a small town in the Fire Nation, a peaceful environment for the young girl to grow up. Quickly after her arrival Fuko discovered her bending, but the weird thing was, she was an Air bender. Katsu explained that her mother's parents were Air benders. So Maika began teaching her, even though she wasn't a bender herself. Maika honestly wanted the best for the child but did not dare to go against her husbands lies. With knowledge the woman got from Water bending scroll she taught her child how to bend Air. They trained a lot, simply because Maika was worried something would happen to Fuko because she was an Air bender. The training remained hidden for Katsu since he would not agree. Fuko wasn't allowed to bend when anyone but her mother could see it.

When she was thirteen years old, Fuko was training in the mountains next to her village. Her father was on a mission and her mother was doing chores at home. Everything seemed safe enough to train, no one ever went to the mountains anyway. When she returned, the girl couldn't believe her eyes. In front of her was a burnt down house and Katsu crying in front of it. He told her that the house had burned down and her mother had died in the flames. Fuko had no one to help her train, no one to take care of her or love her anymore. Her father quit his job in the army and took one in the village to take care of his daughter. Although to her it was obvious that he didn't like the idea.

The man was strict and there wasn't any love to be found in the household. Her life became the same old story of going to school, doing chores and training in secret. However the girl missed her mother, she was the only one who gave her actual love. Katsu had high expectations of her, she had to perform well at school. Meaning more time was spent studying and less time training. Every day was the same, or well almost the same. Every day after school it was just guessing how her father would act. One day everything was fine, the next day he was a ball of rage which was often pointed towards her.

Until one day, two years later, an Air Nomad visited the village. He had found Fuko training in the woods and the next few months the girl would have lessons from an actual Air bender. It didn't take her long to figure out that her mother hadn't been teaching her Airbending movements but taught Waterbending movements instead. Together with the Air Nomad Fuko figured out that her parents probably weren't her actual parents. While trying to get her father to confess this, about a year later, he found out that she had been training with the Air Nomad residing in the village. Thus he got angry with her and forbade her to train with the man ever again.

A couple of days later, her father went to the village council during the evening. Fuko saw this as her chance to discover the truth. She went into Katsu's room and took out his diary. She had never dared to look inside before but figured it was the only way to know what truly had happened. What she read completely changed her life. Everything she had ever believed had been a lie. One big, dirty lie made up by the man she had called 'father' for years. It broke her, but what she read after that was even worse.

Fuko went outside, towards the council, just in time to see the battle. The battle amongst Katsu and the Air Nomad that had resided so peacefully in the village. The Nomad was killed, right in front of her eyes. Katsu was heavily wounded. From the murmurs of the other villagers, she understood that he had attacked the Air Nomad out of the blue. She felt an anger burning inside of her, like the fire she was so disappointed by that she could not bend it. She attacked her 'father', took his life in revenge for everything he had taken from her. Her parents, her name, her mother, and her bending teacher.

It was obvious that she could not stay in the village. Even though the people always had been nice to her, now they looked at her with resentful gazes. She was an Airbender named Ka'on and had killed her own adoptive father. She traveled, but could not make a living for herself. After a few weeks, she was taken in by a group of two, a group that would later turn into one of the most wanted groups in the world. The Seven Deadly Sins. She took the name of Wrath, after the fire that still burned within each and every time she got angry.

Over the years she decided she needed a better offense, air was the hardest element to use offensively. Ka'on chose to learn how to use senbons and started training with those, though her weapon skills were far from her bending skills. Her bending kept improving, whether that was by using a Fire-like style or a Water-like style, which she practiced during the time the Sins were at one of the Water Tribes. She even started taking lessons at the Southern Air Temple from the people who said they recognized her name. Most of the time she says with the Sins but once in a while, she goes to the Southern Air Temple to train, during which of course the other Sins can't accompany her.

Real name :

IC posts :

Character sheet
Age: 24 years
Occupation: Sin of Wrath
Residence: Traveler

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Re: Ka'on

Bericht van Nyx Xiaoyu op wo apr 25, 2018 5:46 pm

Welkom in de RPG!

Who do I see? Stupid and small, look through the mirror and back at the wall
w h o a r e y o u?

Real name :

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Character sheet
Age: 20 y/o
Occupation: Earth Rumble Contestant
Residence: Gaoling

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