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Helaas is de korte periode van rust snel tot een eind gekomen. Tijdens een 'vredes' vergadering tussen de leiders van de vier naties heeft de vuurnatie de stad Gaoling in beslag genomen. Hoe zouden het aarderijk en diens inwoners hier op reageren? De meningen over de situatie zijn verdeeld, maar over een ding is men zo goed als zeker. Betekend dit het begin van een oorlog?

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Armies of dusk

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Armies of dusk

Bericht van Hal op wo mei 30, 2018 2:33 pm

All throughout the day, Hal had stuck close to the entrance of the mine so that he could keep an eye on the time – and on the Fire Nation guards that were posted outside of the mine. In bright daylight, that was all he could do: watch, wait, and learn. So far, the guards had been dreadfully boring and hadn’t yielded much information; they’d done nothing but stand around all day, keeping a glaring eye on the miners coming and going. They hadn’t spoken a word all day except to inform their partner they were taking their lunch break. Halfway through the afternoon, Hal had given up and had instead kept an eye on the light outside.

The reason he was so attentive that day was very simple. After months and months of talk and fruitless planning, the resistance had finally stumbled upon something – or rather, someone – who might actually be able to help them take the fight to the Fire Nation. The woman (or so Hal thought, though their contact had been very secretive and hadn’t even given them the maybe-woman’s name) was due to arrive in Gaoling later that evening, just before curfew so that the Fire Nation soldiers patrolling the streets wouldn’t ask any burning questions. Upon hearing this, Hal had volunteered to wait for her near the edge of town. Of course, this meant that he had to be quick in leaving the mine that evening, if he meant to get the woman into town and get her inside before curfew. Hence his strategic position at the entrance of the mine.

When the overseer finally called it a day, Hal was the first person out of the mine, though he took great care not to appear like he was in a hurry. The Fire Nation soldiers were a suspicious bunch and they’d be sure to pull him aside and press him for answers. Hal continued on a brisk but unhurried pace until the mine had faded from view, then he sped off, winding between buildings and ducking into alleyways that were as familiar to him as the back of his hand. From his pocket he pulled a scrap of fabric – red and black – that he tied around one wrist. Their contact had told the woman what to look for; she would recognise the fabric, which would tell her she had found her contact in the resistance.

Because of the Fire Nation guards near the walls, Hal was forced to come to a skidding halt well before he arrived at the edge of town. Feeling out of breath, he walked the rest of the way, heart pounding both from exertion and excitement. It had been months of little to no progress and Hal was relieved beyond belief that things finally seemed to be moving forward, even if it was just a little. Every step forward was one step towards bringing his father home.

Hal stopped just out of sight from the Fire Nation guards, sticking close to the wall of one of the houses. He fidgeted with the fabric around his wrist and only barely resisted the urge to hop from one foot to the other. He’d never been very patient. He kept a close eye on the road into Gaoling until, finally, after what felt like an eternity, a lone traveller appeared at the end of the road and made her way, slowly but steadily, over to the gates, where she was subjected to the customary questioning and search of the Fire Nation guards. Hal watched and waited with bated breath, but, to his relief, she was allowed to pass into the city. Once again, Hal had to resist the urge to move. They were still within view of the guards; he couldn’t be seen with her so soon. He would have to wait. She would spot him, surely.

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Earth Kingdom

Earth Kingdom

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Re: Armies of dusk

Bericht van Freya Lupin op ma jun 18, 2018 6:14 pm

She still wasn't sure exactly how the so-called resistance had caught sight of her existence, or how they had managed to establish a way of contact between them, but the mere fact that they had already told her that it was a serious, nearly professional organisation. So, she had decided to hear them out. If their mission was as they claimed, she felt that there would be a way for them to join forces.

So they would meet up, with the only problem being that the resistance was based in Gaoling. There was no way she could walk such a distance, not with that leg of hers, so she managed to call in a favour with a frenemy and got a carriage to take her there. The question of why in the world she needed to be in Gaoling all of a sudden was answered with the first of what she felt would be many lies.

The journey was a long one and so she had plenty of time to think. They had told her to look for a red and black handkerchief, which was an interesting choice. Telling her to go to a town that was home to plenty of fire nation soldiers, where she had to look for the colour red almost made her feel like she was being led into a trap. The only thing that got her off that idea was the fact that the fire nation had nothing on her. Even though she was well-known in Ba Sing Se for her wit and bending talents, she was sure that outside of the city no one knew her name.

They were nearing the city of Gaoling and she told the driver that this was far enough. It was almost starting to get dark out and she didn't want to attract attention by traveling by carriage at this time of day. No, she would say that she was merely here for a job, working on the restoration of some of the older buildings. Which would have been quite the cover if it weren't for her leg that gave away that there was no way she had been traveling alone. So, she had hidden her brace underneath her pants instead of wearing it on top and tried to walk as normally as possible for the few feet that it took her to reach the gate.

As expected, she was called to a halt by the guards and asked to explain herself. "I'm a bender from Ba Sing Se, here to work on some restorations." she said, while her leg was screaming from the pain of the unnatural movements. From the corner of her eye she spotted something red and black, which meant that she was so close. The guards asked for her name, and she hesitated a little before answering. "Raven." she answered, after the nickname her father had given her when she was younger. The guards let her through, and she only just managed to keep in a sigh of relief. She walked straight ahead, not changing course towards the red and black fabric, only turning her eyes towards it when she was sure the guards could only see her back. Turned out the handkerchief was held by someone who was... younger than she expected. Maybe an apprentice that was sent to come and get her? Either way, she locked eyes with him and sent him the tiniest of nods, while continuing down the path in a quick pace. The only thing he needed to do was follow her. Discretely.

Luckily, she sort of knew Gaoling, and knew that the path led into a maze of houses and other buildings. She rounded a corner that led into a remote alley, where she caught her breath and waited for the boy to join her.
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