"Nadat Avatar Roku overleed was de verbindende factor tussen de vier naties verdwenen. Al snel liepen de spanningen op. Vooral water en vuur, van oudsher elkaars tegenpolen, konden steeds minder van elkaar hebben. Het begon klein: Anti-water propaganda in de vuurnatie, een ban op bezoeken van vuurmeesters op de noordpool..."

Welkom op Untold Tales, een Nederlandstalige open-world RPG gebaseerd op de bekende Avatar: The Last Airbender serie. Dit forum speelt zich af in de tijd vlak voor de honderd jarige oorlog, en opent zo een mogelijkheid voor een geheel eigen plot en ontwikkeling van de wereld en diens karakters. Creëer je eigen karakter, sluit je aan bij een van de naties en ontdek deze net iets andere versie van de welbekende, nostalgische wereld van Avatar.



Na wat er zich heeft afgespeeld tussen de Water Tribes en de Fire Nation heeft er een korte periode kalmte geheerst tussen de vier naties. Echter beginnen er zich langzaamaan her en der roddels te verspreiden over een spanning tussen de twee volken. Na wat er zich tussen hen heeft afgespeeld zou dat ook geen verrassing zijn. Toch hadden vele gehoopt dat na deze dramatische gebeurtenissen er een periode zou komen van vrede. Er zijn immers genoeg slachtoffers gevallen tijdens de heerschappij van de vorige Firelord.

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Alyss ☾

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Alyss ☾

Bericht van Alyss op zo jan 28, 2018 8:59 pm

alyss of the southern water tribe
17 years old
Class E
Healer Apprentice
Southern Water Tribe
"Silver light
She turned her face up to the starlit sky
And on this night began to wonder why
She knew that soon the day would come"


  • Full Name: Alyss of the Southern Water Tribe
  • Age: 17 y/o
  • Nickname: Al, Alyss.
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Healer Apprentice

  • Family:

    [Mother] Hathor of the Northern Water Tribe
    [Father] Ra of the Southern Water Tribe
    - [Brother] Amon of the Southern Water Tribe
    - [Brother] Ace of the Southern Water Tribe
    - [Half sister] Maci of the Southern Water Tribe

  • Sexuality: Lesbian
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • MBTI type: ENTP
  • Relationship status: Single


  • Faceclaim: Lalisa Manoban
  • Skin tone: Pale
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color: White

  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Build: Petite
  • Scars: Alyss has a small scar on her forehead, earned when participating in the Ice Dodging event when she was fourteen years old. After the event she eventually was given the mark of the brave. The scar is usually hidden behind her bangs.


Seventeen years ago a new water bender was born. A little girl with dark hair and blue eyes came into the world silent, not knowing that she was about to face an inescapable destiny. Her parents, Hathor and Ra, begged chief Tarrak to give their newborn daughter a chance, and so she was granted a part of the moonspirit's life. Unfortunately, this solution came with a price. Alyss wasn't completely 'theirs' anymore. She now partly belonged to the Northern Tribe. If for some reason the moon spirit would no longer be capable to share their life, Alyss would have to give it back.

The family eventually traveled back to the Southern Water Tribe, where things were about to change drastically. After a year, Ra came back from his journey to the Fire Nation with some bad news, and.. another little sister? Apparently, he had a little 'accident' with a Fire Nation prostitute, and her new little sister Maci seemed to be the result. Hathor was furious, and decided to take a break from the situation, leaving Ra behind with four young children. Just for a month, though.

The little family grew up similar to the rest of the Tribe. Alyss would often watch her brothers practice their bending skilss, until her mother discovered she had a talent for healing. Hathor immediately started teaching her the basics. Slowly but surely, Alyss started to develop her abbility to heal. Not knowing that her life was about to change drastically, again, she continued practicing with her mother.

At nine years old their whole life took a turn. She and het siblings had left to a nearby village for some supplies their parents asked for, but when they returned to their home they knew something was off. The siblings entered their home and laid their gaze upon the huge mess that was left behind. Their whole home had been destroyed and their parents were nowhere to be found. Amon had told Maci and Alyss to stay inside while he and Ace took a look around the place. Alyss nodded, and sat down somewhere in between the scattered pots and vases. At some point Maci ran outside, and Alyss didn't have the strength to stop her. Even though her little sister ran outside she decided to obey her brother and stay right were she was, waiting for their siblings to come back and tell her the horrible story of what they had witnessed seconds ago.

Over the years, Alyss had become dull. She barely spoke to anyone and was usually somewhere alone practicing her healing skills. Sometimes she'd train with her brothers, who now acted like father figures in her life. She didn't really mind. Her brothers were the only two people on earth whom she really trusted. Eventually she decided that practicing by herself wasn't going to strengthen her healing anymore. She needed a mentor, someone that would teach her things way beyond the basics. Unfortunately she was the only healer in the village where she lived, so she had no option but to seek that someone in the Northern Water Tribe. She went to her brothers to tell them about this, and eventually the family decided to leave the Southern Tribe, and travel towards the north. Together.

"But she knew
That she had promises to stay true to
The dormant daughter of the silver moon
Then all at once she understood"

"You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars."

Closing my eyes, sleep but not getting a wink
♡ I feel the glare and staring eyes that seemingly care ♡
Real name :

IC posts :

Character sheet
Age: 17 y/o
Occupation: Healer's Apprentice
Residence: South Pole

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Re: Alyss ☾

Bericht van Erisae op za maa 17, 2018 5:56 pm

Welkom in de RPG!

Real name :

IC posts :

Character sheet
Age: 20 years
Occupation: Traveler
Residence: Traveler

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