"Nadat Avatar Roku overleed was de verbindende factor tussen de vier naties verdwenen. Al snel liepen de spanningen op. Vooral water en vuur, van oudsher elkaars tegenpolen, konden steeds minder van elkaar hebben. Het begon klein: Anti-water propaganda in de vuurnatie, een ban op bezoeken van vuurmeesters op de noordpool..."

Welkom op Untold Tales, een Nederlandstalige open-world RPG gebaseerd op de bekende Avatar: The Last Airbender serie. Dit forum speelt zich af in de tijd vlak voor de honderd jarige oorlog, en opent zo een mogelijkheid voor een geheel eigen plot en ontwikkeling van de wereld en diens karakters. Creëer je eigen karakter, sluit je aan bij een van de naties en ontdek deze net iets andere versie van de welbekende, nostalgische wereld van Avatar.

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Helaas is de korte periode van rust snel tot een eind gekomen. Tijdens een 'vredes' vergadering tussen de leiders van de vier naties heeft de vuurnatie de stad Gaoling in beslag genomen. Hoe zouden het aarderijk en diens inwoners hier op reageren? De meningen over de situatie zijn verdeeld, maar over een ding is men zo goed als zeker. Betekend dit het begin van een oorlog?

Posten in Gaoling is op dit moment op eigen risico. Ook zijn er kansen op random events in topics die zich daar afspelen. Ook dient iedere bewoner binnen te zijn voor zonsondergang!

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Nyx Xiaoyu

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Nyx Xiaoyu

Bericht van Nyx Xiaoyu op za maa 03, 2018 11:18 pm

20 y/o
earth bender
class D
Nyx Xiaoyu


Name: Nyx Xiaoyu
Nickname: Nyx.
Age: 20
Siblings: None.
Parents: Unknown.

- Earth rumble contestant
- Flower boi

Sexuality: Homiesexual
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Relationship status: Taken


Haircolor: Dark brown.
Eyecolor: Dark brown.
Skin tone: Olive.

Height: 160cm
Weight: 55 kg
Build: Muscular/slim
Extra: Several piercings in her ears. She also has a beginning tattoo sleeve which she covers up during the Earth Rumble tournaments.  


Spontaneous | Hardworking | Insecure
Humorous | Protective

Nyx' responses are mainly based on the situation she finds herself in. Even though she may come off as relaxed and collected, she's often quite hard on herself. She's definitely not the open book she sometimes seems to be. The young Earthbender prefers to keep people at a distance when It comes to emotional relationships. Whether that's romantic or platonic. She often deals with her problems by not thinking about them and does not feel very comfortable with talking about what goes on in her head. Even If that wasn't the case, she wouldn't know how to translate her thoughts into words. She's simply not that good at talking, but whenever you need some advice or a shoulder to cry on she'll most likely always be there for you.


The young woman doesn't remember much of her years as a child. She was told the story of her being found on the streets of Gaoling as a baby and being taken care of by a local, small orphanage with about six other children, which were all boys. It always felt like growing up in a larger slighty chaotic family instead of an actual orphanage. The old woman Lì húa that took care of them was very kind and a great cook as well. Nyx often helped her cook delicious meals that they would all enjoy together after It was being served. This is probably how she developed an interest in cooking. She never really left the house, only to play Earth Soccer and other games with her 'brothers' in the backyard.

Years passed by, and as she started to grow older things around her began to change. The oldest kids found themselves jobs to help out Lì húa, so Nyx decided that It might've been time to get some work done as well. She started out with helping the neighbours in exchange for a small price. She'd help them paint their homes, rearrange furniture and sometimes cooked for them. One thing that she started to notice was the fact that none of the neighbours used female pronounces, but she didn't really feel the need to correct them. They probably just assumed that Lì húa only took care of boys, and since Nyx always copied her 'brothers' at everything including hair and clothing, they probably just didn't have a clue about her being a girl. Being treated like on of the boys wasn't something that she disliked, she actually quite enjoyed It. Probably just because It has always been that way.

As soon as she turned eighteen she decided that it was time to move to her own small house, and she did. She got a job at a nearby flower shop and made just enough money to live on her own. That's where she someday overheard a pair of customers chatting about the latest Earth Rumble tournament. The topic immediately had her interest, so without hesitation she joined the conversation and found out about the underground tournament that was about to change her life.

Now, two years later, she still works at the same shop, but lives a double life as well. She's both the polite and spontaneous flower boy, and the fearless, fanatical ring fighter Lóng Xiā. There are only a few who know about her secret identity, Lì húa and Alison Olivia.


- Nyx used to practice a lot Earthbending with her 'brothers'. She learned most of what she knows from them.
- Nyx and her current girlfriend Alison met backstage at one of the Earth Rumble tournaments.

Laatst aangepast door Nyx Xiaoyu op ma maa 05, 2018 12:55 pm; in totaal 1 keer bewerkt

Who do I see? Stupid and small, look through the mirror and back at the wall
w h o a r e y o u?

Real name :

IC posts :

Character sheet
Age: 20 y/o
Occupation: Earth Rumble Contestant
Residence: Gaoling

Profiel bekijken http://untold-tales.actieforum.com



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Re: Nyx Xiaoyu

Bericht van Alison Olivia op ma maa 05, 2018 12:50 pm

Welkom in de RPG!

''We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins
carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains
93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames
we are all just stars that have people names''
Real name :

IC posts :

Character sheet
Age: 21
Occupation: Chief
Residence: North Pole's Palace

Profiel bekijken http://whitesnowbells.tumblr.com

Tribal Chief

Tribal Chief

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