"Nadat Avatar Roku overleed was de verbindende factor tussen de vier naties verdwenen. Al snel liepen de spanningen op. Vooral water en vuur, van oudsher elkaars tegenpolen, konden steeds minder van elkaar hebben. Het begon klein: Anti-water propaganda in de vuurnatie, een ban op bezoeken van vuurmeesters op de noordpool..."

Welkom op Untold Tales, een Nederlandstalige open-world RPG gebaseerd op de bekende Avatar: The Last Airbender serie. Dit forum speelt zich af in de tijd vlak voor de honderd jarige oorlog, en opent zo een mogelijkheid voor een geheel eigen plot en ontwikkeling van de wereld en diens karakters. Creëer je eigen karakter, sluit je aan bij een van de naties en ontdek deze net iets andere versie van de welbekende, nostalgische wereld van Avatar.

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Helaas is de korte periode van rust snel tot een eind gekomen. Tijdens een 'vredes' vergadering tussen de leiders van de vier naties heeft de vuurnatie de stad Gaoling in beslag genomen. Hoe zouden het aarderijk en diens inwoners hier op reageren? De meningen over de situatie zijn verdeeld, maar over een ding is men zo goed als zeker. Betekend dit het begin van een oorlog?

Posten in Gaoling is op dit moment op eigen risico. Ook zijn er kansen op random events in topics die zich daar afspelen. Ook dient iedere bewoner binnen te zijn voor zonsondergang!

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My My My!

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My My My!

Bericht van Sun-Mi Lee op di maa 06, 2018 5:51 pm

i'm going to live like a flower can't nobody stop me now try me
A soft, melodic hum could be heard throughout the small but cozy flower shop. Soft, golden hues emanating from a few strategically placed candles lit up the place, seeing as the sun was slowly setting, leaving the sky painted in many different shades of purple, pink and orange. It was nearing closing time, but not just yet; the shop always closed at eight, so they - Sun and Nyx (the boy that worked for her but whom she saw more as a co-founder than an employee, seeing as he started working in the flower shop as soon as it had opened) - had half an hour left to sell flowers and serve tea. They sold more tea than flowers around this time of the day, the only people still buying bouquets at seven-thirty being the ones that forgot something along the lines of birthdays or anniversaries. Sun continued humming, sometimes even daring to sing a few words, as she carefully folded the thin paper that contained a dozen tea leaves. She then placed the small leaf-package in one of the carefully-bended quartz cups filled with near boiling hot water, and Sun could smell the particular aroma of Chun Mee tea soon enough, even if it was easily masked by the many different scents in the shop. After a minute of soaking she removed the leaves. She made her way towards the woman who had ordered the tea, and gently placed down the cup, smiling as the other thanked her. "You're welcome," she replied before making her way back towards the counter, which was cluttered with several bouquets and stray flowers and herbs and candles. She sighed, knowing that she would have to clean this all up after the shop closed down. She checked the wooden clock - which was also on the counter, but that belonged there, unlike all the plants - and noticed that she could close the shop down in ten minutes, if the customers decided to leave on time. A couple came op to the counter to pay, and after that it was just the woman with the Chun Mee tea left. Sun suppressed a yawn. She loved her work, but standing for four hours straight was tiring, especially if it was getting close to closing time.

- Voor Nyx uwu
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Re: My My My!

Bericht van Nyx Xiaoyu op di maa 27, 2018 2:47 pm

cheers, love!

Waking up and seeing they live inside. Not one but ten of me talking in my mind. Look side to side and found no lies. But why are we all here? And who am I?

After wiping some sweat from her forehead, the Earth Bender continued with her work. She hadn't really seen her colleague today. Instead of serving the customers their drinks she decided to clean up the back of the shop a little and do the dishes, and yes, those were a lot of dishes. This task took her nearly all day, but as soon as she finished cleaning she felt quite satisfied about her work. Her gaze fell upon the little kitchen clock. The shop was closing soon, so she decided to help out Sun with the last customers of today.
As soon as she left the kitchen and entered the shop she found the young woman at the counter, suppressing a yawn. Nyx couldn't help but chuckle at the situation. She had always looked up to Sun a little. She was such a hard worker, so she was glad to be able to help out a bit. The Earth Rumble Contestant made her way towards the counter and leaned in against it, gazing upon the satisfied customers. ''Good job, Sun.'' She smiled. ''It looks like It's getting more crowded every day.'' Even though that meant that the two of them had to work a little harder each day, she didn't mind. She was quite satisfied with this job, and really enjoyed seeing the shop grow.

Who do I see? Stupid and small, look through the mirror and back at the wall
w h o a r e y o u?

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