"Nadat Avatar Roku overleed was de verbindende factor tussen de vier naties verdwenen. Al snel liepen de spanningen op. Vooral water en vuur, van oudsher elkaars tegenpolen, konden steeds minder van elkaar hebben. Het begon klein: Anti-water propaganda in de vuurnatie, een ban op bezoeken van vuurmeesters op de noordpool..."

Welkom op Untold Tales, een Nederlandstalige open-world RPG gebaseerd op de bekende Avatar: The Last Airbender serie. Dit forum speelt zich af in de tijd vlak voor de honderd jarige oorlog, en opent zo een mogelijkheid voor een geheel eigen plot en ontwikkeling van de wereld en diens karakters. Creëer je eigen karakter, sluit je aan bij een van de naties en ontdek deze net iets andere versie van de welbekende, nostalgische wereld van Avatar.

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Helaas is de korte periode van rust snel tot een eind gekomen. Tijdens een 'vredes' vergadering tussen de leiders van de vier naties heeft de vuurnatie de stad Gaoling in beslag genomen. Hoe zouden het aarderijk en diens inwoners hier op reageren? De meningen over de situatie zijn verdeeld, maar over een ding is men zo goed als zeker. Betekend dit het begin van een oorlog?

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Bericht van Dominic op di maa 13, 2018 10:31 pm

Full name: Dominic of the Northern Water Tribe
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Northern water tribe
Occupation: Army Colonel ;; Diplomat

Type: Waterbender
Special style: Bloodbending
Class: B

Aggressive ;; suspicious ;; observant ;; calculating ;; cold ;; prideful ;; lustful ;; merciless
Dominic is not a very nice guy, let’s lead with that. He’s quite aggressive, which is out of the norm for most water benders. This aggression is also visible in his water bending, it makes his offensive strikes sharper and more effective, strong and sometimes even icy, but it also leads to a lack in defensive flow.

Dominic always suffered from inhibition problems, letting other kids get on his nerves and exploding at them. Nowadays he has a bit more self-control, but he still is prone to outbursts, especially if he feels like he has nothing to gain from someone. That is something he is always thinking about: what can this person offer me? From powerful connections to amusement, he isn’t picky, but he does not bother being nice to people that have nothing for him. While Dominic grew out of his tendency to push boundaries until they broke, he still easily slips back into manipulating people to get his way.

Because of his own egoistical standpoint, he trusts no one. No, Dominic views others with the same suspicion as they should him, if they are wise. Sadly, his calculating nature makes his words deceptive, he is a great liar if he’s in a calm mood. The man has a weakness for the flesh, lustful as he is, but he hates this animalistic side, wanting to control his wants. Thus, people who arouse him might instead meet his hard, cold side. Dominic is a great tactician and is willing to offer his advice to the water tribe to which he owes his loyalty (for now).  Surprisingly, he is also a great cook, preferably eating vegetarian, but don’t you dare insinuate that this somehow means he is too weak to kill an animal.

Dominic is tall and muscular, he is built like a warrior. His strong hands bend water with goal oriented, quick movements, but wield a sword and shield with similar ease. He has dark hair and a short beard, blue eyes and a stare he’s not afraid to use.

Dominic’s parents always had issues handling their sweet little boy – as he could play some nasty tricks. Where most kids use their deceit to get an extra cookie, Dominic always seemed to push the boundaries a step further. And further. Not only at home, but also at school. He was strong for his age, both physically and in bending, and he tended to use violence to get what he wanted from his classmates. He pushed and pushed, smiling full of joy when he got his way again. Until they became desperate. His mom tried begging, pleading and even negotiating with him. It worked for a little while, until the boy grew bored of this easy status quo. Next, his dad tried to solve these behavioural problems with beatings, which became more and more severe until the physical violence became noticeable.

The little boy was taken away from his parents and placed with his grandpa. This was a great fit, but not for the right reasons. His grandpa taught him to bend better, strike stronger, fear less. Discipline became key, with harsh trainings and punishments. Dominic seemed to accept it for a while. His grandpa had a lot to offer, so the boy watched and learned. One day, his grandpa got drunk and told him about the secret power that water offered. Water, present in everything.. Even us, humans. This was how Dominic learned about blood bending, with which he was immediately fascinated. Next to his normal trainings, he began experimenting with it, quickly learning he had a knack for it. But the taboo was strong, so he worked in secret, using his own body or innocent animals as exercise material. At fourteen years old, he participated in the ritual Ice Dodging ritual, where he forcefully took the lead, pushing his will over some of the other more outspoken children. Although his way of taking the power was unconventional, he successfully lead the way, showing cunning skills and effective decision making, which made him receive the mark of the Wise.

After graduating from high school with honors, the boy When he was 17, Dominic joined an army squad, where he used his blood bending subtly to turn fights into his favor. He quickly rose through the ranks, proving a valuable asset not only in battle, but also in strategic planning and even diplomatic missions. He became more interested in the power that those diplomatic contacts provided and started taking a bigger role in that. During the last battle his battalion played a big role, and while he lost at least half of his men, he came out largely unscathed and managed to spin it in his favor. Dominic is always working towards something, playing the chess pieces to his favor, shuffling the cards. He is always trying to get ahead. His current career goal is to become one of the Advisors of the water tribes, while he is also intrigued by the possibilities of playing political games. Additionally, he is, as always, trying to get his bending to grow stronger, because power of any sort is what he desires.

Laatst aangepast door Dominic op za maa 17, 2018 12:00 pm; in totaal 2 keer bewerkt

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Age: 28
Occupation: Army Colonel

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Re: Dominic

Bericht van Erisae op za maa 17, 2018 12:15 pm

Welkom in de RPG!

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Age: 20 years
Occupation: Traveler
Residence: Traveler

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